Thursday, May 20, 2010

wonderful vintage kaufladen

the weather was sunny today and the boys were plashing in the water again and again and getting cold and colder. so we had to warm up and played with mats kaufladen. he got it for christmas and really loves it.
i had put too much "goods" in it - too much wooden pasta, too much pretzels and so on. so when it came to cleaning up i had to do the whole work. so the small parts take a break in the cellar now till it's time to come out again.
by the way i learned that it's a mama-habit to arrange all the goods in the kaufladen. the boys immediately threw everything in one pot again. hmmm.

when i was looking for the kaufladen i was sure about one thing: i didn't want to buy a new one. i wanted a vintage one. there are lots of them on sale but some were damaged, too small, too big, too expensive. then i found this one. must be from the 70's i guess. it's perfect for the boys. mats can sell everything while tim prepares the meal in his playkitchen.

i had thought about building one on my own at first but that was way too optimistic and i gave up soon.
but i also liked these kaufladen

via kalaydo

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