Sunday, May 09, 2010

sunny sunday

oh my god. it's been a while. now i'm settling and calming down again. starting again with fresh energy and spirit. and this has nothing to do with mother's day.
although my 4 year old son gave me a small present he made in the kindergarten.
(well to be exactly he gave it to me on friday the first time - but today i was officially allowed to get it)
along with the wrapped gift came this letter:

how sweet is that??? well, i really love coke and he is the one who LOVES auflauf...

it's spring. the sun should be shining, the temperature should reach 20° and more. but my parents told me it has been snowing yesterday. hm. at least today was great. perfect weather to go voting...

the boys very much loved this day because some presents arrived. a week after their birthdays so it was a big big surprise!

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