Saturday, June 19, 2010

umzug in einen neuen blog

ihr lieben,
ich bin umgezogen. vielleicht nur vorläfig, vielleicht auch für länger oder immer?
ich werde hier auf KÖLN FORMAT weiter schreiben. mit vielen fotos, links und hoffentlich guten ideen...

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

how to add your own signature

while i am talking about blog-improvement i learned how to create my own signature. i always thought i had to draw one and scan it. but it is so easy!

here is donnas tutorial.

does this one match my colors?

getting rid of those dotted lines

oh thank you donna!
you told me how to get rid of those ----! Those ----- were freaking me out and i hoped that only i could see theem and everybody else saw a plain white page.
but now i removed the dotted lines and i like the look much better.

just one number makes the difference.

i have spent nights to improve my html skills but never brought up the idea to search the net to find out how i could delete them.

you made me very happy...

painted wooden steps

if i ever should build or renovate my own dream house i should remember what i found over at funky junk interiors. donna from canada painted her wooden steps with logos and numbers as they can be found on craps.  sounds crazy but i love the look!

this is how they looked before...

if you like to know how donna made them you can read her detailed tutorial over at funky junk interiors.

Monday, June 07, 2010

magnetic colors

do you remember the post about the giant giraffe? such a cute and simple idea i immediately decided to steal.
so i went shopping and found some great colors to paint a big animal or digger or car or ... on the wall.

i went to knauber to find an appropriate color and they had many. but there were just a few colors which were magnetic. i had a hard time to decide which one was the best.

these three were my favorite colors. i stood and watched, and still could not decide.

in the end i decided to take the orange one. it matches the green in tims room and the turquoise in mats' room.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

a picture a day

while i was surfing the internet i stumbled upon a picture that was pin sharp and filled with such a strong character that i wanted to see more of those pics. and i found the blog of markus schwarze who calls himself fotowusel. last year he started a new project and since then he publishes very special pictures of very special persons. one each day.

markus works in hamburg and will publish a book with his best pictures.

"the pop-up white house" flea market find

this is such a funny flea market find. it's a small hardcover book about america's most famous house.
"open the book and you're ready to play president and first lady!" so it says. it is quite old - so not barack obama was the top-dog of this mansion but ronald reagan. so the little book suggests to "redecorate with nancy" or "raise defense spending with ron".

the book is architecturally accurate and gives a three dimensional view of the mansion's exterior as well as some of the famous rooms inside.

 the war room:

the oval office:

 the sitting room:

 the millard fillmore memorial storage wing:

or the dining room:

this one is a quite sarcastic version...

the modern books you can still buy are more factually i guess.

i'm a bit sad that ron and nancy are missing, as well as some furniture and my own personal mx missile that once all have been included. but hey, the book made it through the years in one piece and it still pops up.

Friday, June 04, 2010

cologne antique market

the weather was great yesterday and we were up quite early. i felt like strolling through a fleamarket. and i new there was a big one antique one around the stadium. everyone was in a good temper and i had fun rummaging around...

i could not let go of an old traveller memory

and luckily i was too late for this great creature:

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

crashing a dragon pinata

when i was cleaning up today i found something funny. something mats brought home after a great knights and dragon birthday party at the weekend.
do you know what this could be?

yes. the feet of a dangerous green dragon! a dragon pinata to be exactly...

 the party guests had a hard time trying to crash the pinata.

at the end they jumped on it to get the sweets. it was great fun!

mats wanted to take the legs home with him - filled with sweets of course.
that was at the weekend, so by now everything is empty.

practising & practising

tim always hops on the driver's seat when we are waiting for mats...he loves cars. small cars. big cars. real cars. he behaves like a professionaö driver already. turns on the lights and of course at first: the radio...

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