Monday, February 22, 2010

wordle your thoughts

i found a funny way to sort the clouded thoughts in my head.
well, there is so much chaos in it that it's definetly time to do so! in the net i stumbled upon wordle. with wordle you can write down what's bothering you and generate "word clouds". simple but very effective.

the clouds give greater prominence to the words that appear more frequently in the text.
you can print them out to let them just inspire you or put them in a nice frame.
you can pimp your clouds with different fonts, layouts and color schemes.

so this cloud is made by me. it shows what the boys love and aaaaalways think about:

Wordle: small boys love...

this is what bothers me at the moment:

Wordle: my clouded cloud

but there are hundreds of wordles you can have a look at.
like this one made my meredith:

Wordle: Period G

a fashion one:

Wordle: Fashion

a rather political one:

Wordle: OBAMA WILL WIN!!!!

or an olympic one:

Wordle: sana

go and create your own!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

spring is coming!

i visited ikea a few days ago to take a break from the crazy carnival going on in the city.
as i am really fed up with the winter i can now feel that spring is coming.
because there i saw this:



the first garden furniture this year! oh and the colors are so bright!





i really fancy those cool hammocks! in bright red.

but looking out in the garden, i guess i must plant a second tree first. so sad...
but need plants, tubs and a comfortable couch now.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mobile post?

—-- Artikel wurde erstellt auf meinem iPhone


Friday, February 05, 2010

vintage network?

i am constantly working on my technical skills. slowly making progress. but i have never followed someone on twitter,  and don't really get that. but i am a facebooker now. and, hey, that is such a practical thing.
you always know when a birth is in progress and how long it takes, someone is sick, tired or fired. but only yesterday i had to learn that i am quite old-fashioned. a friend from america told me

"oh facebook is so 2003!"

hey. just 7 years behind. has been worse in the past.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

snow snow snow

"in siberia it can't be worse!"
well, that's what my mom said when i called her today. snow chaos in lüdenscheid.
she can't remember that there has ever been so much snow. and she has seen many winter seasons.


just the main roads are partly being cleared, the byroads are completely snow-covered.
but you couldn't find your car anyway!

and where should you go? schools and kindergardens are closed, buses don't operate. rooves might collapse.
so my parents spend their day clearing up the driveway so that no one gets hurt and they can leave the house. by foot. of course. they walk to the supermarkets to get some fresh food.

quite exhausting - the snow is stacking up to 2 metres on the pavement.

the traffic jam around town piled up to 45 km...

 that's quite funny. when i look out of my window - i see this:

 no snow at all! 
and we're only one hour away by car...
so i keep watching the news to see when it's time to visit home again without spending a night on the freeway...

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

evas handmade crawling shoes

eva is a wonderful and creative young woman.
she is the mother of little flint, almost 2 years old.
while she was staying at home with her baby boy, she taught herself how to sew - and got better and better fast.

now she sews these little crawling and first-step shoes. 
in the beginning just for flint and his friends, but soon other people wanted to know where those colorful and handmade shoes were from.

 that was when she decided to found her own business: emkie.


i visited her today to sneak about her work.
eva has a craft room in her flat where she sews all those colorful crawling shoes.




each pair is different and unique, every pair comes out of a spontaneous decision.
which fabric eva uses, which ribbon, which color, which leather. everything handmade by her.

 eva loves to recycle fabrics, and uses only organic leather.

if you'd like to get a pair of evas crawling and first-step shoes you can contact her via her website emkie 
or reach her per e-mail. the price is 24€ a pair .

but before i left i took some pictures of flints nursery because it is full of special ideas.
when eva and patrick moved into their new flat in the city of cologne, they renovated a lot and ripped down at least five layers of vintage wall paper. eva used parts of those to decorate flints nursery, and made special leaves for this wonderful giant tree for him. he can paint on the trunk - it's blackboard paint.


and flint is the proud owner of a small summer house. on it eva attached flints mowing-machine and his own water hose. and look at the lovely fence!


thank you for your inspiration!

vintage world map

this colorful worldmap looks like it orginates in the 60s.
it might be full of cultural stereotypes like the lady with the big hat somewhere down near brazil.

but the map is quite up to date as the big burj al arab in dubai is already there.

this world map poster comes from monocle and was designed by satoshi hashimoto.
he is a japanese illustrator.

the map has a gold foil, and there are only 500 available.
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