Tuesday, February 02, 2010

evas handmade crawling shoes

eva is a wonderful and creative young woman.
she is the mother of little flint, almost 2 years old.
while she was staying at home with her baby boy, she taught herself how to sew - and got better and better fast.

now she sews these little crawling and first-step shoes. 
in the beginning just for flint and his friends, but soon other people wanted to know where those colorful and handmade shoes were from.

 that was when she decided to found her own business: emkie.


i visited her today to sneak about her work.
eva has a craft room in her flat where she sews all those colorful crawling shoes.




each pair is different and unique, every pair comes out of a spontaneous decision.
which fabric eva uses, which ribbon, which color, which leather. everything handmade by her.

 eva loves to recycle fabrics, and uses only organic leather.

if you'd like to get a pair of evas crawling and first-step shoes you can contact her via her website emkie 
or reach her per e-mail. the price is 24€ a pair .

but before i left i took some pictures of flints nursery because it is full of special ideas.
when eva and patrick moved into their new flat in the city of cologne, they renovated a lot and ripped down at least five layers of vintage wall paper. eva used parts of those to decorate flints nursery, and made special leaves for this wonderful giant tree for him. he can paint on the trunk - it's blackboard paint.


and flint is the proud owner of a small summer house. on it eva attached flints mowing-machine and his own water hose. and look at the lovely fence!


thank you for your inspiration!

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