Wednesday, February 03, 2010

snow snow snow

"in siberia it can't be worse!"
well, that's what my mom said when i called her today. snow chaos in lüdenscheid.
she can't remember that there has ever been so much snow. and she has seen many winter seasons.


just the main roads are partly being cleared, the byroads are completely snow-covered.
but you couldn't find your car anyway!

and where should you go? schools and kindergardens are closed, buses don't operate. rooves might collapse.
so my parents spend their day clearing up the driveway so that no one gets hurt and they can leave the house. by foot. of course. they walk to the supermarkets to get some fresh food.

quite exhausting - the snow is stacking up to 2 metres on the pavement.

the traffic jam around town piled up to 45 km...

 that's quite funny. when i look out of my window - i see this:

 no snow at all! 
and we're only one hour away by car...
so i keep watching the news to see when it's time to visit home again without spending a night on the freeway...

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