Sunday, January 31, 2010

wonderful vintage case stickers...

i found these wonderful case stickers here today.
they are from the 50s/60s and still unused!

at that time it was a common habit to collect those stickers to show where you have been so far.
well, some people still do that today.

but wouldn't it be wonderful to get some and put them in an old frame in the nursery?

the owner kept those stickers treasured in a box till he died.
now they are on sale. about 100 still left.
he must have been a very adventurous man!

they are about 2€ each...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

snowy snowmen...

when we woke up today the whole city was covered in snow.

at last we could do another test run with our pimped bobby car...


the boys were thrilled to build a giant snowman!



little tim got tired from rolling so much snow and took a rest inside watching the others doing all the work...


finally! ready...


think our man is a bit improvisational as we ran out of carrots, and had no decent hat.
the eyes are made of two tangerines. but he's already friends with us.
hope he does not scare us to death when we forgot about him tomorrow morning.
he looks straight in our living room window...

Friday, January 29, 2010

looking into the past

only yesterday i posted some vintage postcards from my hometown lüdenscheid.
and today, i saw a flickr group called "looking into the past".

there i found the renovated brandenburger tor in the upper side compared to the destroyed one at the end of the second world war.

image by 2composers.

bond street in london, now and then...

 image by bu yousef.

 new york - 9/11/01 and 3/11/02.

image by blaney photo.

glencar manor rosses point 474 in ireland

 image by keith.

carson nevada.
some say, where the rails used to run at night, you can sometimes at night still hear a ghostly whistle.

 image by scott schrantz.

portland, oregon

image by tinflower.

so if you still have some old postcards go and take a picture! there are just a few applying to germany.

photobooth vol.3

got a package tonight that i definetly did NOT order. 

but we were so curious what could be in it.
so lost no time to unwrap it.

and then it turned out to be, äh, an ape made of wood.
how nice...

show me what's inside your fridge...

...and i tell you who you are.

a friend brought up the idea of posting a picture of his hopefully unedited inside of his fridge.


always good to have some decent drinks ready...

same here:

i thought that was a funny idea, and made a picture of ours...

as i searched the web for filled fridges - what special activity - i stumbled upon fridgewatcher, a website where you can peek into fridges in new zealand, the bahamas or moldova! so if you are bored to see just pellegrino and eggs look at the chinese ones.

aussie bento from the northern territory in australia has a really colorful inside. if you wonder what's in those bottles - it's just water.

some just keep their equipment cool...

...or their birthday muffins

so you know how it feels to like into your fridge.
but how is it to look out?
i think this is a very special view! from the eyes of the food...

but some people are really crazy. this old house uses the fridge as atv cabinet, remote control in the butter compartment.

 easter bunny trying to survive till it's time again to shroud eggs...

...and 75 tortoises waiting to wake up again...


if they get thirsty, they could at least open the bottle of white wine...

close the door, they're trying to sleep!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

good old lüdenscheid

i rarely come back to my hometown, lüdenscheid.
it is a small city with little actions and events. but it is very green and the rents are low.
78.772 people live there, according to wikipedia.
so this small but lovely lüdenscheid has a huge following on the internet.
1000 fans at facebook!

i found these great old postcards:


lüdenscheid still has huge forests with lots of hills, dams, foxes and wild pigs. so don't get lost there...


the highest hill in the surrounding area is the nordhelle
with 663,3 metres. there's a lot of snow - you can even go skiing...

you can check the weather here - but mostly it will be raining.
local news can be found here.

when i was a kid i had tons of toy cars - because siku, one of the biggest toy car factories, has its place of business in lüdenscheid.

the boys LOVE grubbing through the old boxes full of siku cars from the 70s when we visit grandma and grandpa.


and lights from lüdenscheid illuminate the louvre in paris.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wonderful online fabric stores

for christmas my mom gave me this little sewing machine.

you see the plastic cover around the needle? yes. it's still unused...
but although i thought there would be a lot of time to start learning how to sew when all presents are unpacked, the christmas tree is gone, the house is freed of the last santa claus and christmas tree ball - it was't. till now.

project sewing starts!

i think i am always one step ahead of myself so i searched the net for wonderful pattern and found great, great shops.
volksfaden  is a german online shop based in berlin that sells fantastic fabrics from designers from the usa, europe and japan.

home sweet home turquoise                       


counting blossoms blue


volksfaden also sells stacks of matching fabric that contain pattern remains like

and lots of cute buttons and ribbons:

frau tulpe is also an online store that ships within germany and europe.

dancing strawberry gelb             



then i found the long established tikki quilt & patchwork shop
in london.
they also ship overseas and sell wonderful strip rolls.


alls shops have hundreds of fabrics. can't show them all...
better remove the plastic cover now...
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