Thursday, January 21, 2010

pimp my tin

imagine grandma or grandpa gave you a present. you were really excited, but then that present turns out to be some old and boring tin. thanks so much!
some mugs, some bowls and some plates. you certainly cannot throw it away. you could sell it - but who would buy that?

so i came up with the idea to hand it down to the kids!
i painted the tin-things in gaudy colors so that they can use them in their play kitchen and play store.
all you need is a big cardboard and some spray paint. you don't even need a brush.
i took a packing case and three different colors: yellow, purple and red.

you will have to spray it twice and it needs some time to get
really dry.

the kids have great fun serving their "dishes" on them but better put no real food on them...

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