Tuesday, January 26, 2010

silly mugs

when i wanted to settle down on the couch this morning, after a freezy trip through the cold and snow, with some hot coffee, the paper and a cuddly blanket i realized that all mugs i usually use were in the dishwasher.
so i searched my cupboards for an alternative.
but all i found was a mug from an engineering company that i don't even know! isn't that sad?

at second view i think the rest is just as bad...

a christmas leftover, two giveaway mugs, a "i love mom" mug i bought myself and a silly steinbeck i got when i was a teenager. great. nothing with a story in my cupboard.

but obviously wonderful mugs exist somewhere out there!

look at these from retrokitsch. it'a waechtersbach retro collection...

or this...                                                    and these moomin mugs.

some people are really crazy collecters like orpheus...

and yes becky.

i could make one myself...

or wait until i find a real care bear mug! you remember the glücksbärchis ???

but NONE of those mugs is so, äh,  special like these ugly faces mugs!


don't know yet if they frighten me to death or make me laugh...

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