Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wonderful online fabric stores

for christmas my mom gave me this little sewing machine.

you see the plastic cover around the needle? yes. it's still unused...
but although i thought there would be a lot of time to start learning how to sew when all presents are unpacked, the christmas tree is gone, the house is freed of the last santa claus and christmas tree ball - it was't. till now.

project sewing starts!

i think i am always one step ahead of myself so i searched the net for wonderful pattern and found great, great shops.
volksfaden  is a german online shop based in berlin that sells fantastic fabrics from designers from the usa, europe and japan.

home sweet home turquoise                       


counting blossoms blue


volksfaden also sells stacks of matching fabric that contain pattern remains like

and lots of cute buttons and ribbons:

frau tulpe is also an online store that ships within germany and europe.

dancing strawberry gelb             



then i found the long established tikki quilt & patchwork shop
in london.
they also ship overseas and sell wonderful strip rolls.


alls shops have hundreds of fabrics. can't show them all...
better remove the plastic cover now...

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