Thursday, January 28, 2010

good old lüdenscheid

i rarely come back to my hometown, lüdenscheid.
it is a small city with little actions and events. but it is very green and the rents are low.
78.772 people live there, according to wikipedia.
so this small but lovely lüdenscheid has a huge following on the internet.
1000 fans at facebook!

i found these great old postcards:


lüdenscheid still has huge forests with lots of hills, dams, foxes and wild pigs. so don't get lost there...


the highest hill in the surrounding area is the nordhelle
with 663,3 metres. there's a lot of snow - you can even go skiing...

you can check the weather here - but mostly it will be raining.
local news can be found here.

when i was a kid i had tons of toy cars - because siku, one of the biggest toy car factories, has its place of business in lüdenscheid.

the boys LOVE grubbing through the old boxes full of siku cars from the 70s when we visit grandma and grandpa.


and lights from lüdenscheid illuminate the louvre in paris.

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