Monday, January 18, 2010

DIY play kitchen for the boys

i proudly present: my first selfmade playkitchen! and considering the pressure felt heavy weighing on my heart i had two opportunities:
buying one or building one. and i chose number 2. so i am now in the middle of getting our new playkitchen ready to play. the boys are waiting!
i worked a lot in the cold cellar lately but i think it was worth it. meanwhile i really like the room down there. now the sweet thing just needs some decorating. i really wanted to create a big fridge so that they can cool down their shopping gifts until they are ready for cooking. i really was not sure about the colour. i wanted to paint the kitchen a bright white, but that looked very boring. so i first just painted the fridge that cool lilac, and then... everything. Ok, they are boys. but timmi will be 2 soon so he will love that color! by the way both pieces were ikea dressers before. i found the knobs from the oven in a cute vintage kids store. the pots are from the 70's. i cooked meals in them when i was a kid. the rest is mostly from the swedish-treasure-trove. or how do you call it? p.s the boys will get a really boyish car curtain - that will do it! for the money i spent on this project i really could have bought two tiny kitchens but that would definetly be NOT the same...

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