Saturday, June 05, 2010

"the pop-up white house" flea market find

this is such a funny flea market find. it's a small hardcover book about america's most famous house.
"open the book and you're ready to play president and first lady!" so it says. it is quite old - so not barack obama was the top-dog of this mansion but ronald reagan. so the little book suggests to "redecorate with nancy" or "raise defense spending with ron".

the book is architecturally accurate and gives a three dimensional view of the mansion's exterior as well as some of the famous rooms inside.

 the war room:

the oval office:

 the sitting room:

 the millard fillmore memorial storage wing:

or the dining room:

this one is a quite sarcastic version...

the modern books you can still buy are more factually i guess.

i'm a bit sad that ron and nancy are missing, as well as some furniture and my own personal mx missile that once all have been included. but hey, the book made it through the years in one piece and it still pops up.

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