Saturday, May 29, 2010

murder mystery birthday party

if your kids wish to make a murder mystery themed birthday party and you have absolutely no idea what could be organized for that special one i found some really great ideas.
the mother of the birthday girl worked as a crime investigator at the charlotte police department. so she knew exactly how to prepare a "csi birthday party"! and she spent huge attention to detail.

the best i think was the gorgeous cake! simple but unmistakable...

charlotte from confectionary concepts shows us some details of her friend's party.

every girl  got badges with their names and title as well as special designed t-shirt.

the 10 year old party guest were given crime scene kits, filled with tools to solve the case.
in their imagination justin bieber was murdered and they needed to find the killer.

they played different roles, like being a blood splatter analyst. i am just hoping that this was ordinary strawberry jelly...

the girls got evidence bags.

 to put in justin bieber's wallet they found in the gras.

 all got special made notebooks

and favour bags filled with goodies.

 at the end after a long and exciting investigation the girls found out that an obsessed fan has gone crazy and murdered the singer...

thank you charlotte for sharing this!


  1. That cake is really funny! I am going to feature it and post a link back to you and Charlotte.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great party! I love the details!

  3. Mystery themes at birthday parties are quite in trend. And when we talk about Halloween events, then what comes to my mind is San Francisco venues in our city. Have heard a lot about them and planning to have it soon with my friends and cousins. Will ask everyone for opinions.


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