Monday, May 31, 2010

aunt charlie's favorite: stores.

i'd like to show you one of my favorite stores in cologne.
it is such a colorful and happy one that i am always quite excited when i go there.
the store is called ok-versand. and there you can get things of the everyday life from people all over the world. from russia, mexico, ghana, india, china, thailand, morocco, yemen or even vietnam.
 you can always find something interesting you must take home with you. some things are useful, most are just for fun or for decorating. years ago i bought a bright red enamel bowl and since today i know it was imported from china.
they still sell them in the store.

great posters from india

robots from china

these have been old tires, now they are bags from yemen

in those you can transport eggs safely. they are made in bulgaria.

you can find the ok-versand in cologne and berlin but they have a great online shop where you can buy everything. they ship internationally.

today lukas plum, the owner of the ok-versand was still waiting for a big shipment from russia.

 with tons of new, fascinating things...

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