Saturday, May 15, 2010

finally found frosting

yesterday when i arrived in the office a colleague gave me a bag. and made me quite happy.
he has been in america on holiday and brought home something we cannot buy here in germany. and i was so curious about it that i asked him to get it for me in las vegas...a bit silly, i know... but in the bag was

one vanilla flavor and one milk chocolate frosting. he told me that there were dozens of flavors in the supermarket and he didn't dare to bring home a bubble gum one or a green one. so he bought these two down-to-earth ones. must try the others sometime.

i really wanted to have them when i was preparing the big birthday party for the boys and was looking for a cool dinosaur cake.
one like this

i found a video with instructions.

but they always use frosting for the decorations. that seems to work quite easy but you cannot get frosting here, not even through the internet.. and it does not really work with sugar icing.
but now i can use my frosting for the next birthday cake...

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