Saturday, May 22, 2010

design your own shoes

i was surfing the internet to find some cool shoes for the boys and stumbled upon a page where you can design your very own pair!

the idea is gorgeous!
i remember times when i was doodling all over my white converse. making things worse.
but now i could pimp our shoes professionally.
at first you can choose a shoe style, and then upload a picture or design you like and step by step every part of the shoe gets it special character. and there are 13 parts. so being creative would come in handy...

you can even print a text on each part and may choose between different fonts.
i chose cars and trucks as design. of course. what else should i take?

so this is MY SHOE.

when you are ready save your shoe. then you can buy it.
you can also design keds for men and women, not just kids.

perhaps i will try to create two different shoes with different pictures so that mats knows which shoe to wear on which foot.
must try that...

have fun trying!

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